Junkie Juice is a collaborative zine which is produced on a bi-monthly basis. We produce just 100 copies which are then distributed around Norfolk completely free of charge. We are always looking for new artists to be featured alongside our core collective, so please check out the submission section if you'd like to get involved. We also support local events and have space for advertisements in our issues. We believe that ideas are fluid and free to share; we cannot proceed without what came before and what could come afterwards is up to us.
if you want to be on the cover send snaps to junkiejuice@live.com
the weirder the better. 
Submissions Open!

We are looking for people to submit work to our August Issue of Junkie Juice zine. Open to any media as long as you can take a photograph of it and send it to us, or write it down and send it to us. 

Please send up to 4 images to junkiejuice@live.com with the word “zine” to get involved. Deadline is the 25th July.

Thank yew. ^_^


Amy French (From ‘Notes’ series)

Reblogging for the good times. 
Need we say more? 
Oh yeah, 20 free mini-comics to first arrivals. There will be a limited supply of coconut rum and vanilla vodka also. Night before graduation we think also, bring your parents :P

Exhibition coming 7th July!! :D